The Services Division offers its customers specialized financial services through a wide network of over 100 money transfer branches, as well as a wide range of telecom systems in the fields of security of goods and people, geolocation, data transmission, and telecommunications (voice, data, Internet, e-mail, etc.).

This Division groups its activities within 3 companies: ORBCOMM MAGHREB (ORBCOMM system) and EDC MAGHREB (IRIDIUM and INMARSAT systems) which hold operator licenses from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ANRT), as well as ILAÏCOM which has a national network of more than 100 outlets throughout the country.

ILAÏCOM is a national player in specialized financial services.

Formerly a Meditel/Orange authorized distributor, ILAÏCOM launched in 2005 a network of specialized financial services branches under the WAFA CASH brand. Through its partnership with WAFA CASH, ILAÏCOM specializes in cash-related services, namely money transfer, foreign exchange and low income banking.

  • Specialized financial services
    • National transfer: Issuance and distribution of money on the national territory
    • International transfer: money transfer from abroad via Western Union, MoneyGram, Sigue, RIA, Santander…
    • Currency exchange: ILAÏCOM network carries out currency exchange operations
  • Low income banking
    • Salaf Cash: this is a personal credit product designed by WAFA SALAF and distributed in the WAFA CASH network
    • Floussy Card: it is an electronic wallet that targets unbanked people.
    • Hissab Bikhir: it is an intermediation mandate in banking operations granted by Attijariwafa Bank, one of the leading Banks on the African continent

EDC Maghreb holds the INMARSAT, IRIDIUM and KINEIS operator licenses issued by the National Agency for Telecommunications Regulation (ANRT).

EDC Maghreb holds the INMARSAT, IRIDIUM and KINEIS operator licenses issued by the National Agency for Telecommunications Regulation (ANRT).

Thanks to strategic partnerships with world-renowned telecommunications operators, EDC Maghreb is the only national private operator that offers a complete range of telecom and security solutions with high added value added, based on innovative and complementary products and solutions.

EDC Maghreb offers a wide range of solutions for a demanding clientele:

  • satellite telephony solutions in high-risk areas and/or areas without conventional telecommunication systems
  • worldwide data transmission solutions by satellite
  • worldwide messaging solutions (e-mail…)
  • worldwide geo-positioning solutions
  • security solutions (video surveillance, encryption, transport cases for products to be secured), to protect the people and physical assets of a company or a contingent in operation.

ORBCOMM Maghreb is the Business Unit specialized in the field of satellite telecommunications for short messages and data transfers

ORBCOMM Maghreb is the Telecom Network Operator for the ORBCOMM system in Morocco, thanks to a Telecom license granted by the Moroccan Government (ANRT).

Launched in the US in April 1995, the ORBCOMM system is a GMPCS satellite system dedicated to short data messaging and transmission. It was designed specifically to provide geolocation, data transmission and two-way messaging services.

The ORBCOMM system is composed of three main elements: the space segment, the ground segment and the subscriber segment.

The space segment currently consists of a constellation of up to 48 operating low-earth orbit satellites, to provide tracking, telemetry, control and monitoring services.

The ground segment consists of gateway earth stations (GES) and network control centers located in various areas of the world. The GES communicate with the satellites through link antennas. ORBCOMM Maghreb has one of the only two GES based in the African continent.

The subscriber segment consists of ORBCOMM subscriber communication terminals. They operate in frequency bands reserved for this purpose by the national administrations or other competent authorities.